Kilimanjaro Oct 2018 - West Women Trekkers Climb

Kilimanjaro Oct 2018 - West Women Trekkers Climb

15 Oct 11:00 - 24 Oct 14:00 - Moshi
Mount Kilimanjaro - Uhuru Peak

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Join West Women Trekkers for the first West Women Trekkers International adventure to climb Mt Kilimanjaro. Live the adventure!!

The sight of the permanent snow capped peak of Mt Kilimanjaro (5895m) provides a constant source of inspiration when viewed from the vast plains. It is also a natural focus for any fit trekker keen to summit the highest peak in Africa. While the ascent does not require any technical climbing, the trails are demanding and a sound level of fitness and an ability to acclimatise are essential prerequisites before attempting the summit. The Rongai Route begins in attractive farmland and delightful forest, with the opportunity for viewing black and white colobus monkey, and passes through several different climate zones, adding considerably to the interest of the trek while at the same time ensuring maximum acclimatisation. This route retains a sense of unspoilt wilderness and offers a different perspective on Kilimanjaro by approaching it from the north. From the alluring summit of Uhuru Peak (5895m), we will have amazing 360 degree views of the surrounding plains.

When you join a West Women Trekkers Inc. trip you will be embarking on an amazing adventure. West Women Trekkers provide unique experiences, to feed your adventurous spirit, develop fitness and mental toughness. To ensure this adventure is a success, all participants are expected to prepare and develop excellent fitness for the trek. West Women Trekkers will provide the tools, to train, support and prepare you each step of the way.

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