Mafunzo Ya Walimu Wa Yoga Kwa Watoto

Mafunzo Ya Walimu Wa Yoga Kwa Watoto

31 Aug 19:00 - 04 Sep 22:00 - Dar es Salaam
Dar es Salaam, Tanzania


Please share this information within your yogic community. YPV’s main aim is to continue to spread the ancient yoga knowledge and practices to the children of Africa to create a better future for all.

Yoga Teacher Training Course - Yoga For Children
Methodology from Satyananda Yoga Tradition / Bihar Yoga

Certification in Teacher Yoga for Children by Satyananda Yoga Center /Brazil

Certification in Teacher yoga for Children by Yoga Pura Vida

YPV will hold its second children yoga TTC in Tanzania using the methodology from the Satyananda Yoga Tradition. We would like to select 20 African students to participate free of cost. If you would like to be one of this fifteen students please send an email to attaching your C.V. with a picture and small letter explaining why you would like to be a Yoga Teacher for Children.

This 2nd Children Yoga TTC organised by YPV will welcome Sannyasin Gangadhara Saraswati / Alcione Ramos as the Master Teacher. Gangadhara is Yoga Teacher since 1986. She has a very solid background studying and training in India in two of the most renowned Ashrams and Yoga schools in the world: Bihar School of Yoga and Rikhiapeeth; receiving initiation from Swami Niranjanananda Saraswati in 2001. She directs the Satyananda Yoga Center in Brazil (Representative Center of the Bihar School of Yoga from India). She has been leading yoga teachers training in the Bihar Yoga methodology since 2002. Beside her experience in Yoga she is a Psychologist with postgraduate degree in Jungian Analytical Psychology. Master degree in Health Education by Universidade federal de Minas Gerais/ Brasil. Educator, specializing in educational guidance with experience in the public and private teaching network. Coordinator of the Yoga Program for Children in the Minas Gerais Child Protection Association. Co-founder and co-coordinator of Satyananda Yoga Center / Brazil and Casa do Guru/Brazil.

Goals of the Course
To train professionals to work with Yoga for children in various areas of child demand: schools, clinics, nurseries and living spaces.
Transmit the teachings of Yoga adapted to the child.
To disclose Swami Satyananda methodology adapted to the child.
To foster the growth and introduction of a healthy practice in the routine of children.

Introduction of Yoga for Children
The vision of Satyananda Yoga on the child
How to Introduce a Yoga Class for Children
The Asanas and their correspondents for children
Stories using Asanas
Principles for creating a lesson with history.
Surya Namaskar (Sun salutation) for children
Continuing the introduction of Asanas and diversifying its applications:
Games and Asanas ; Asanas in pairs; Asanas with engravings, etc.
Principles of pranayama for children
How to work pranayama with children
Resources for working pre pranayamas
Yoga Nidra
Yoga Nidra practice adapted to the child.
Techniques of memory and concentration

Course Fee: 700 U$ - Including TTC material, tea break, fruits and vegetarian lunch.

Course schedule: From 31/08 till 3/09 - 36 hrs Course - From 8 am till 4 pm

Venue Address: Dance Art Fusion Mahando street 2 - Sea Cliff - Masaki - Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania

YPV is also looking for sponsors who would like to support us with the costs of the course. If you like to help us please contact us.

For all those who like to learn more about Yoga; Gangadhara will hold in Arusha and Dar Es Salaam two Sat Sangas. She will conduct lectures on Yoga in The Modern Time, Yoga and Education and how to take care of the “Self” with Yoga.

For more information please write us email to

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