2019 TAP Mt. Kilimanjaro Expedition

2019 TAP Mt. Kilimanjaro Expedition

01 Mar 08:00 - 12 Mar 15:00 - Arusha
Mount Kilimanjaro and Safari


All adult survivors 18 and older are invited to join TAPS on the 2019 Mount Kilimanjaro Expedition as we find new purpose, gain radical perspective, and remember what it feels like to live with determination.

TAPS Expeditions are outdoor skills-based events that require dedication, preparation and a real sense of adventure. Share a truly fearless journey with TAPS survivors as we climb Mount Kilimanjaro in Tanzania, Africa. Every step on this ascent will move us farther away from feelings of doubt, fear and insignificance. As guests of the mountain, we will be led to consider what we really can control. We will learn to trust our guides, our team and our gear. Our choices will matter.

Details at: taps.org/expeditions/2019/kilimanjaro

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